Asiansexdiary - An & Her Friend BEE!
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - An & Her Friend BEE!


Pornstar: Bee J An C

Dear Diary, An came right on time, with her best friend Bee, and it was as great as I had expected. I totally loved that girl. 19yo sweetheart, shy but horny as hell. When they arrived, they even had a little surprise for me. An bought a school uniform for both of them to wear for me. Man, I thought I was going crazy! This was so horny and fun! I took a lot of pictures first and Bee was clearly liking me, a lot. We were flirting all the time and I really wanted to hurry this up and get into the action. Bee’s boobs especially turned me on, like crazy. I ate Bee’s pussy, and made her cum already, but I also got a wonderful blowjob in return… by both of them! Just look at these 2 faces when they suck my dick. Priceless. I then, of course, fucked them both. I took Bee’s sweet and hairy pussy more, of course. She really loved to get fucked and I gave her all my sperm as an early Christmas gift. She thanked me for every ounce of it. Everybody was happy, so we all went out to eat together, like one big happy family!