Asiansexdiary - Clotilde
  • Episode 48: Brave New World
    Tuesday 6th of September 2016

Asiansexdiary - Clotilde


Pornstar: Clotilde

Dear Diary, I only have two more days, in town here, so I was very ambitious to score some new pussy today. Vanessa would love to see me again, so I asked her to come tonight. In the morning, I have been planning my next trip and decided to make a short visit to Barcelona before heading back to Bangkok. The reason is that I have been chatting with a British girl on holiday in Barcelona. She is very flirty and as I am so eager to fuck a UK pussy after my London disaster week, I decided to take the risk and fly to Barcelona after my arrival in Paris. Did some more research on other girls in Barcelona, as well. We’ll see. I will show you some pics of that British girl, tomorrow. I went hunting and walked in the direction of the beach, at around noon. There, right in front of me, was a lady with a nice ass wearing a blue skirt. I followed her to the beach and she opened up to me, like a flower, once she saw that I was following her! These girls are so easy here! Her name is Clotilde, a 21yo lady. I took some pics of her, invited her to eat something together and then we went up to my room. Never ‘asked’ her anything, as easy as that. Pussy, at my service. This is how it should always be! She was funny and shy at first but once I started to undress her, the horny temperature went up and up. Made her cum when eating her pussy and in return, I got a great blowjob, passionate fuck and a deep creampie! I definitely need to come back to Madagascar, next year, and stay a little longer. She wanted to stay with me but I expected Vanessa over tonight, so I gave her an excuse to leave. I am now still waiting for Vanessa. I hope she is not playing me!